caravan skirting

The Caravan Skirting Company can transform your tired old caravan into something that looks brand new. Our PVC product has been specifically designed for use with caravans and carries a 15 year guarantee.


Create a beautiful, maintenance free exterior that is tough and weatherproof. Keep out drafts through floor vents. This will help you feel warmer during the colder months with the added benefit of extending the chassis life of your caravan.

caravan skirting    caravan skirting    caravan skirting

Our special design allows easy access all round your holiday home. This is important to you as we understand that you need access to your mains water, mains electric and all the drain down points. The special flip-top design lets you lift the top rail up out of the way. Then the skirting panels can be slid up giving easy access to your storage. As shown above.

We also build PVC verandahs to your design - adding to the enjoyment of your holiday home by providing an outdoor seating area or a safe, slip resistant step up to your van door. No need for yearly painting, no staining, rot, splinters or sharp edges. A very effective and popular upgrade for your holiday retreat.



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